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MTV News is packing up its parka and long underwear for a trip to the movies. Yep, that’s right. We’re headed to the snowy climes of Park City, Utah, for the annual Sundance Film Festival, which kicks off this Thursday. More than 100 films will vie for top honors at the cinematic extravaganza, meaning we’ll be glued to our multiplex seats for the entire 10-day fest.

One celluloid gem in contention is Gavin Wiesen’s coming-of-age tale “Homework,” starring Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser and Alicia Silverstone. And guess what! We have an EXCLUSIVE clip just for you!

“Homework” stars Freddie (whom you may remember in his pint-sized form from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”) as high school student George, a lonely soul who’s somehow made it to his senior year without ever having completed an assignment (if only you were around a few years ago, George, we could have used your secrets!). George soon strikes up an unlikely friendship with popular girl Sally (Emma) after they bond over their dysfunctional families. With his academic future in question, George agrees to have 25-year-old Dustin (played by Michael) mentor him. Dustin and Sally begin to bring George out of his shell, but as you might suspect, this story doesn’t end without a little drama.

Our exclusive clip finds Dustin wowed by George’s drawing skills—and G’s new-found friend Sally. Do we smell a budding love triangle? Click play on the clip above to check out “Homework”!

Source: mtv.com

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