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Check out Emma in a new Tyler Shields’ photoshoot along with Jenna Ushkowitz and Michael Trevino! Check out the video too, caputures have been added! EDIT: click ‘read rest of this entry‘ below to view an interview with Glamour.com!

Jenna Ushkowitz Michael Trevino Emma Roberts and I all got together for a night of Teddy Bears and rain drops also some fire seemed to make its way into the mix! Emma Does play the perfect daughter for any family…
Source: tylershields.com

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Alice Temperley, queen of gloriously girly, feminine dressing, celebrated her 10-year anniversary and her new book True British: Alice Temperley in Los Angeles on Friday. Temperley has dressed girls like Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, Florence Welch, Demi Moore, Reese Witherspoon, and Heidi Klum. Our woman on the West Coast, Jen Weinberg, caught up with Emma Roberts, who hosted a dinner party in Alice’s honor, and chatted with Roberts about her new hair, decoupaging (!!) and how she can’t part with anything in her wardrobe.

Glamour: You work with Emily Current and Merritt Elliott as your stylists, but you also seem to really love fashion. How do you decide what you’re going to wear?
Emma: My magazine bill per month is embarrassing, because I buy so many magazines. I like to rip out the photos and put them on bulletin boards. I have drawers of fashion cut outs going back to six years ago. It’s absurd. My dream is: I have a wall in my house that I’m planning on decoupaging with every cutout I have as my inspiration board and it will be sealed for life.

Glamour: How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Emma: I love shoes, I have too many shoes. I am a fashion hoarder. I will not part with things. I hold onto things that I think will come back in five years because in five years I might want to wear this. My friends are like, “Emma, you can buy a new one in five years, but I feel like I have to keep everything.”

Glamour: Let’s talk about your new hair. What inspired you to cut it off?
Emma: I was at a Neutrogena shoot on Thursday, and Chris McMillan was doing the hair. I had my long gorgeous hair, which was below my boob. Chris said, “I’ll give you a haircut. Will you shake on it that you’ll let me cut your hair off?” I had been contemplating the idea and told him I’d think about it. And at the end of the day, I was like, “Just do it.” And he literally just cut it, and after the first cut I was so scared. But then he cut it all off and I feel like a new person. I’ve never been happier—it’s fun and fresh, and why not? I’m young, and when I’m old, I’m sure not going to have short hair!

Source: glamour.com

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