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Emma Roberts is going racy in her next role as a sex shop employee.

Roberts, 20, told USA TODAY that she is about to head off to New York to begin shooting the dark comedy Adult World, about a college graduate who has no better employment prospects than selling explicit adult products.

“It’s a quirky coming-of-age story,” says Roberts, speaking from the Sundance Film Festival. “My character is very smart, but the economy is very bad.”

“So she works at a porn store,” the Nancy Drew and Hotel for Dogs star shrugs.

Her character continues her positive outlook on the world despite the rather seedy surroundings.

“It’s an interesting backdrop because when you’re a young person you’re always looking for inspiration,” says Roberts. “But then you find yourself asking, ‘How did I end up here?’ “

The movie concept is not unique in these dire economic times. The Sundance Film Festival features a movie, For a Good Time, Call, about two women who start a phone sex line in order to make ends meet.

“It’s very relevant for young people who are asking themselves, ‘What do we do?’ ” says Roberts.

Roberts spoke while celebrating at the premiere afterparty of her new movie Celeste and Jesse Forever at the Acura Studio in Park City, Utah. In the film, which was co-written and stars Rashida Jones, Roberts plays an outrageous pop star.

While her Celeste character resembles Lady Gaga, Roberts insists she got her inspiration elsewhere. “It was basically based on the stereotype of every child actor/pop star I’ve seen,” says Roberts.
Source: usatoday.com

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