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If you missed it, an addition to a 2011 Tyler Shields shoot plus one photo he took of Emma with Francesca Eastwood was uploaded to the gallery yesterday. Also uploaded more to the 2012 Sundance portraits, sorry they are tagged but hopefully can replace. Looks like Emma enjoyed two cakes on her birthday yesterday check them out in the gallery! She did tweet her thanks for the birthday wishes…


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Photoshoots >> 2011 >> Tyler Shields(4)
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  1. Hi Emma! do you remember going to camp birchwood cause if you do then my sister is apryl hedges! if you remember her then you probably remember my brother dylan to and do you remember me! i was 2 the last time I saw you and i know your couson riley bredamis.

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  4. isabella hedges on February 12th, 2012 at 3:29 pm
  5. Isabella, Emma does not reply here …

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