Happy New Years Eve!


To all the visitors, I would like to say Happy New Years Eve! Hope you had a great 2012 and even better 2013! Emma had a busy 2012 filming movies! First she filmed Adult World then Empire State, We’re the Millers and Palo Alto Stories! Is there one you are more excited to see and why? I know I can’t choose, but I think seeing her act along side Jennifer Aniston is exciting! Also can finally own Celeste and Jesse Forever on DVD/Blu-ray on February 5th! Looking forward to seeing all her work in 2013!

Posted on: December 31, 2012
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Ann Says:

2013 is going to be a big year for her. I’m most looking forward to “We’re the Millers” since it is a mainstream movie and I want to see how that goes. I think “Adult World” might premiere at TIFF or one of those other festivals. Sucks that it missed out on Sundance. I thought for sure it would go there. Not sure about the other two movies, but I’m sure we are gonna see a lot of her in 2013 promoting these films. I hope we get more candids, too. I like seeing what she wears.


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