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I Am Michael stars James Franco and Zachary Quinto with Emma having a supporting role. A gay activist and magazine founder (James Franco) is saved from his homosexuality after turning to God, and later becomes a Christian pastor. The film is currently making its debut at film festivals so hopefully soon will see a theatrical release (most likely limited).
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New Candids – Jul. 15th + 16th

Emma was spotted out and about in LA on July 15th. She was then snapped arriving to New Orleans, LA where she will begin shooting her role on American Horror Story! Wish it was a happy arrival but apparently not!

EDIT: Added a set of candids from July 13th.

Candids >> 2013 >> out and about in LA (7/13)
Candids >> 2013 >> out and about in LA (7/15)
Candids >> 2013 >> arriving in New Orleans, LA (7/16)

4 Responses

Gio Says:

Seeing Emma crying breaks my heart ;(

z0 Says:

You beat me to it, Gio. My thoughts exactly.

Gio Says:

I saw the video where these pics come from, something died inside me.

VIMAL WILSON Says: are u doing..we have the largest number of likes for the page of emma roberts in facebook..i used to publish photos from your page. Obviously with out removing the tags, well i would like to ask how would you feel like getting atleast a 1000 people to ur site..let me know what you think about that..have a good day.. :-)