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I Met Emma Again!


I met Emma again!!! This time was at a coffee shop in New Orleans, LA on October 10, 2013. she is in my neighborhood filming for American Horror Story: Coven. It was in the afternoon and my cousin was with me and her manager was with her. We sat down and chatted about various topics of course talked about the show and how amazing it is and she was! They said that more surprises to come! They love filming down here since New Orleans has such history atmosphere. Also mentioned how awesome We’re the Millers was! Her manager did mention that Adult World was going to finally get limited with on demand release on Valentine’s Day (February 14, 2014). Obviously we chatted about the site and they love it, Emma says she checks its out whenever she can! We also talked pets, she mentioned Twiggy and asked about the ones her and Evan had, she said one is with his mom and the other found another home since it was too large. She mentioned wanting a cat but Evan is allergic. I think I explained all important topics :)

We took photos which can view below! I got a hug goodbye (and a hello one too) and more thank yous for the site! Another once in a lifetime experience, hope to do it again! She is an amazing person! IF you have any fan photos with stories please send in to, if get a few might put a fan corner on the side menu!

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9 Responses

Ilayda Says:

That’s hilarious Kayla! I’m so happy for you,Emma is my biggest role model and more. I hope other people see what a beautiful person Emma is.

z0 Says:

So that’s a twice in a lifetime (so far) experience, Kayla. We’re all envious. Keep up the good work.

Sheridan Says:

I really would love to meet her :( no celebrity’s have been answering my mail Emma please come and meet me I’m really would love to meet you

Markasi Says:

You are very lucky! Wish I had meet Emma one day, too. Your site is amazing, keep doing this great job :)

Lilian Says:

she was filming scenes or was just there with Evan Kayla?

Kayla Says:

She wasn’t filming scenes where we were but they are still filming down here… she wasn’t with Evan…

Lilian Says:

what i mean was, she’s still filming for AHS? There’s rumors that her character is kill off in episode 3 and in this set pictures she’s not all dress up like in the ones before, so i wonder if this is true and she’s in NO just to accompany Evan

admin Says:

I have heard she is in 6 or 9 episodes of this season, so she is still filming, and with this show getting killed off doesn’t mean anything..

Lilian Says:

the press released claims she’s in 9 episodes, but now people are assuming she dies in episode 3. I don’t know, i ask because i hope she not die, but you don’t have a proof that she really was filming as Madison right?, You just knew she was there. :( I am anxious. Madison is the best character she plays in a long time.