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Below are HD captures from last nights’ episode, Thanksgiving, of Scream Queens. Check out video for next weeks new episode, the one before the finale! Also added candids of Emma leaving her NYC hotel yesterday (November 24th). New Instagram additions!


TV Series >> Scream Qeens >> Season 1 >> 01.10 – Thanksgiving – captures
Candids >> 2015 >> leaving hotel in NYC (11/24)
Misc. >> Official Twitter/Instagram Photos
Misc. >> Random Twitter/Instagram Photos

‘Donate A Photo’ Holiday Kick -off

Emma attended the ‘Donate A Photo’ holiday kick -off at The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park on November 24, 2015 in New York City. She was also featured on Good Morning America this morning explaining the cause! Check out photos and video below! New Scream Queens tonight!


HQ >> Appearance&Events >> 2015 >> “Donate A Photo” Holiday Kick -Off Event (11/24)
MQ >> Appearance&Events >> 2015 >> “Donate A Photo” Holiday Kick -Off Event (11/24)
Candids >> 2015 >> shopping at Barney’s New York in LA (11/20)

Live with Kelly & Michael – Nov. 12th

Emma was interviewed on Live with Kelly & Michael this morning, you can check out video below plus captures!


Captures >> 2015 >> Live with Kelly & Michael – 11.12.15

Emma talks fashion & beauty

Check out video interview of Emma from the Teen Vogue party last weekend in NYC. Also below is an interview plus photoshoot from!


WWWmainimgScream Queens leading lady, #AerieReal ambassador, and Teen Vogue cover girl Emma Roberts is in high demand these days. Luckily, we were able to steal the actress away from her busy schedule for some one-on-one time.

In an exclusive interview with Roberts, we chat with the tastemaker about misconceptions in the beauty world today, how she scores the best fashion finds for her character Chanel, and the red carpet moment she’ll never forget.

Who What Wear: We’re big fans of your #AerieReal campaign. What is your definition of real beauty?
Emma Roberts: I feel like all of the people, specifically women, who I’ve always admired growing up and even now are never the people who are the most by-the-book beautiful on the outside, but are more someone who just lights up a room, someone who has things to talk about, and is smart and funny, and that whole package is magnetic. And so that to me is what true beauty is. And with Aerie, I like that their whole message is the “real you is sexy,” and they leave that open to interpretation of whatever it is that you find sexy about yourself, whether that’s something on the inside or the outside. I think that if you feel confident about something, it’s okay to own that and show that and be proud of it.

WWW: What do you think are some of the biggest misconceptions in fashion and beauty today?
ER: Well, I think that you see certain people on Instagram and you think, “Oh my god, they’re perfect, and I have all these flaws.” I think it’s about teaching, young girls especially, that there is no such thing as flaws, really. Whatever you think is a negative about yourself, someone else is going to love. It’s always an example with my girlfriends, like when I’m having the worst hair day, and they’re like, “Really? I think your hair looks amazing today!” I think so many women, because of magazines and Instagram and Photoshop, have an unrealistic view of beauty, and so I think what Aerie is doing by putting these huge billboards up in New York that are un-retouched is so rad and liberating. I mean, it’s great. My sister is 14 years old, and she was like, “That’s so cool that you are doing that, Em. I just absolutely love the photos and I can’t believe it’s not retouched. Me and my friends are all going to post un-retouched photos to celebrate your campaign.” And that made me really happy.

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New Events, Scream Queens, Candids & More

Sorry for the delay but all new additions below!

Emma attended two events yesterday (October 24) in New York, first EW Fest and then Teen Vogue with Aerie celebrate her November cover issue. Updated Instagram additions! Many more to be added later!

I have added captures from Scream Queens episode entitled Seven Minutes in Hell that aired this past Tuesday (October 20). I have added stills and video preview for new episode coming up, which will be on hiatus til after World Series is over, entitled Beware of Young Girls. Emma was spotted departing LAX on October 20, check out the candids below. I have added more shots from the Teen Vogue cover shoot!

Next On: Beware of Young Girls

HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> Teen Vogue & Aerie celebrate November cover (10/24)
HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> Entertainment Weekly Fest (10/24)
Candids >> 2015 >> seen at LAX airport (10/20)
Photoshoots >> 2015 >> Matteo Montanari / Bryan Tarnowski
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.07 – Beware Young Girls – stills
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.06 – Seven Minutes in Hell – captures
Misc. >> Official Twitter/Instagram Photos
Misc. >> Random Twitter/Instagram Photos

Wonderland Photoshoot + Scream Queens Videos

Emma is featured in the latest issue of Wonderland magazine, photoshoot added below, will have scans soon. Below you can watch Emma along with the costume designer for Scream Queens take a tour of the wardrobe. Also a new clip from tonights episode! I have added candids from on set with Lea Michele on September 29th. New Instagrams additions!


Photoshoots >> 2015 >> Wonderland shoot
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> On Set 09.29.15 in New Orleans, LA
Misc. >> Official Instagram/Twitter Photos

Scream Queens: Chanel-O-Ween

Check out an hilarious sneak peek from Tuesdays (October 6) new episode of Scream Queens! Plus a preview for the two Halloween episodes coming up!


Scream Queens Episode 4 & 5 Stills + Videos

Below are stills from episode 4 (Haunted House) & 5 (Pumpkin Patch) of Scream Queens! Also below are two videos of Access Hollywood & E! News on set visits!


TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.04 – Haunted House – stills
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.05 – Pumpkin Patch – stills

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