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Emma was seen out yesterday(December 5th) getting a mani-pedi in Beverly Hills. Check out the candids below!

Candids >> 2011 >> stops off for a mani-pedi in Beverly Hills (12/5)


Check out over 500 captures The Art of Getting By including the bonus features! Hope you bought yourself a copy if you can because it’s a sweet movie!

Movies >> The Art of Getting By >> DVD Captures
Movies >> The Art of Getting By >> DVD Exras – On Young Love
Movies >> The Art of Getting By >> DVD Extras – New York Slice of Life


Emma was spotted again on Friday(December 2nd) in Beverly Hills, check out the additions below. She was also spotted yesterday(December 3rd) leaving the Chateau restaurant in LA and out earlier in the day. Look out for The Art of Getting By captures later!

Candids >> 2011 >> at a gas station/out in Beverly Hills (12/2)
Candids >> 2011 >> leaving Chateau restaurant in LA (12/3)
Candids >> 2011 >> out in Beverly Hills (12/3)


Emma was seen at a gas station in Beverly Hills today(December 2nd). She has on one of her favorite things, the shoemint lepoard wedges by Rachel Bilson, check out the candids below!

Candids >> 2011 >> at a gas station in Beverly Hills (12/2)


The Art of Getting By star loves Miu Miu and dishes on padded bras, pale legs and her penchant for Proenza.

In Emma Roberts’ recent movie, The Art of Getting By (out on DVD now), she plays Sally, a beautiful, popular, known-for-dating-older-guys high schooler. Yet the role is anything but stereotypical teen fare. Instead of bullying “losers” and spreading rumors about her fellow peers à la Mean Girls, Sally finds friendship, and eventually love, in a fatalistic boy named George (Freddie Highmore), the school’s token oddball. “Sally’s not a cliché. She’s pretty and she’s popular but she also is smart and funny and serious, she’s not one thing or the other,” says Roberts.

Roberts’ own clothes were often the basis for Sally’s movie wardrobe, from her t-shirts and jeans to suede Miu Miu pumps—a brand she absolutely gushes over and calls her obsession with a “sickness.”

Lucky recently talked to Emma about everything from how Freddie Highmore made her cry to why red coats make her so happy:

The Art of Getting By is the first feature film Gavin Wiesin’s wrote and directed. How was it starring in his first big movie?
It was really fun. I just really loved that he wrote a story that was very close to his heart and very relatable. It was something that I feel like everyone goes through—family problems, friend problems, being in love for the first time. Those are all topics that he approached in a much more real way than I’ve seen in the past with teenage movies.

How was it working with Freddie Highmore? He typically plays sort of quirky roles.
I love Freddie. We sat down in London way before we did the movie to get to know each other and we just had a really fun time talking. He’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and he’s just so sweet; I mean, I’ve never heard a bad thing come out of his mouth. He’s the nicest boy. And he made me cry when I saw the movie! Seeing the film all put together I got teary eyed. I was like, “Freddie, you made me cry!”

What was your favorite scene to shoot?
It was probably the final scene where we’re having that tender moment when we’re saying goodbye. We shot that at like 4:30 in the morning and we were just so tired and so delirious from working all day and all night that it ended up coming across even more real than I thought. When I saw it in the movie I was like “Oh my god! So sad!”

Do you think that Sally does stay with George in the end?
I think no matter what happens they’ll always be in each other’s lives. I don’t know in what way necessarily, but I think that the ending just shows that there are people you’ll meet in life that, no matter what, will always stick with you. Sally and George are those people for each other. And it’s very rare that that happens in life, so when it does it’s really special. Everyone has a George and everyone has a Sally!

Have you found your George yet?
You know, we’ve all had that, and we’ll all have it again—that’s the good part!

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