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Emma attended the Ray-Ban Raw Sounds project at The Angel Orensanz Foundation tonight(October 13th) in New York City. Check out a few MQs below, stay tune for more plus HQs later! EDIT(10/14): Added more MQs plus HQs of the Ray-Ban Raw Sounds event! Check the post below for more photo additions to the T-mobile event! EDIT: Check for more photo additions! Added a set of candids of Emma leaving the Ray-Ban Raw Sounds event yesterday(Ocotber 13th).

MQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2011 >> Ray-Ban Raw Sounds in NY (10/13)
HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2011 >> Ray-Ban Raw Sounds in NY (10/13)
Candids >> 2011 >> leaving Ray-Ban Raw Sounds in NY (10/13)


Emma attended T-Mobile Launch of fastest 4G smartphones Samsung Galaxy S II And HTC Amaze at Espace tonight(October 12th) in New York City. Check out a few MQs below, look for more and HQs to be added later! EDIT(10/13): Added more MQs plus HQs, check them out below!

MQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2011 >> T-Mobile Launch Of Fastest 4G Smartphones in NY (10/12)
HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2011 >> T-Mobile Launch Of Fastest 4G Smartphones in NY (10/12)


Emma was spotted leaving a business meeting on rainy day in LA yesterday(October 5th). Check out the candids below!

Candids >> 2011 >> Leaving a business meeting in LA (10/5)


Have you picked up your Scream 4 dvd yet? Below are captures from the movie plus special features! Emma was spotted yesterday(October 4th) going to Lemonade in LA for lunch, check out the candids below.

Movies >> Scre4m >> DVD Captures
Movies >> Scre4m >> Deleted Scenes
Movies >> Scre4m >> Gag Reel
Movies >> Scre4m >> The Making of Scre4m
Candids >> 2011 >> spotted in Hollywood (10/4)


SCREAM 4 is now on dvd today! Go out and get yourself a copy! They are soo many bonus features that you must see! Congratulation to @sammyjo1999 on winning the signed dvd contest! You should have a direct message with directions so please check messages if haven’t already. Tweetaways.com was used for picking the winner so it was totally random and fair. Use the hashtag #scream4 today if you have a twitter, hopefully can get it trending topic!

@tweetaways tweetaways.com
@fabulous_emma We chose a winner: out of 103 entries, it’s @sammyjo1999! Please contact the winner directly

EDIT: Tyler Shields had a private screening on Saturday(October 1st) night and Emma was a guest, below are photos from the photographer’s website.

MQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2011 >> Tyler Shields private screening (10/1)