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Emma was spotted leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night (June 22nd). Check out the candids below!


Emma was spotted grocery shopping at Bristol Farms and dining out at Katsuya restaurant in West Hollywood yesterday(June 20th). Check out the candids below! EDIT: Check out more video interviews here and here.

Acting under the radar: Emma Roberts gets by on her art
Emma Roberts is an over-achiever as an actress, but an under- performer as a famous personality. And she wants to keep it that way.

“I’ve recently started this thing where I go quietly with the flow, so (I hope) that works out for me,” says the 20-year-old from L.A.

Maybe she’s navigating under the radar, because she has witnessed the aftermath of fame’s bright glare, suffered by her infamous actor-father, Eric Roberts, and her movie-star aunt, Julia Roberts.

Whatever the reason, the next-generation Roberts has managed to avoid the trap of portraying either a girlfriend in a special-effects blockbuster or a sexy lass in a big-budget R-rated romp.

Indeed, she is stubbornly focused on pleasing herself, not on enticements offered by the persuasive film industry.

Case in point is The Art of Getting By, which opened last week after a preview at last winter’s Sundance Film Festival, under the title Homework.

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Below are more video interviews with Emma and Freddie Highmore when they did press for The Art of Getting By. Get out and see the film if you can! Below is box office results, didn’t do so great even though its a limited release…

J-14: 4 Things You Don’t Know
Seventeen.com interview
The Art of Being a Misanthrope
The Art of First Loves
Emma and Freddie Freddie on Their Big Teenage Crushes

In limited release, The Art of Getting By earned an unimpressive $700,000 in 610 theaters, with a $1,148 per-screen average, for a 14th place finish. Conversely, Midnight in Paris continues to impress on the indie scene: the Woody Allen film earned $5.2 million in its fifth weekend in release, with a bountiful $5,045 per-screen average from 1,038 theaters.
Source: EW.com


Below is the interview Emma and Micheal Angarano had with Young Hollywood Studio a while back. Also below is an interview with Emma and Freddie Highmore from teenvougue.com and some behind the scene press photos. IF you havent seen THE ART OF GETTING BY then get to a theater near you that is playing it now!

Teen Vogue: Why should we, your fans, see The Art of Getting By?

Freddie Highmore: I think it’s a real representation of what it’s like to grow up, as opposed to what you often see in some high school movies, which is a sort of stylized version of it. I think it will be really refreshing. People will see something that they can identify with in a relatable way.

Teen Vogue: Does the movie’s plot have any connections to your life?

Emma Roberts: I think everybody can relate—whether they’re in the audience, or they worked on the movie—to being in that position of falling in love, getting your heart broken, and dealing with family drama. Also, just being in the transitional phase of life where you’re not really sure where you’re going or what you’re going to do—being in limbo.

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THE ART OF GETTING BY is NOW PLAYING in theaters in the US! Check for theaters near you here! We have added a cute promoshoot Emma and Freddie Highmore did for the film. Check out this inerview with movieline.com! EDIT: Click ‘read rest of this entry’ for more video interviews. Also check out video interviews here and here.

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