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Hope you caught Emma on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (June 10th)! We have added captures, stills, and video below! Also candids of her arriving to tape the segment. EDIT: Added a better quality video…


Emma Roberts may be learning “The Art of Getting By” in her new indie, which we got a first look at during MTV News’ Sneak Peak Week last week, but she’s now in the thick of filming her next flick, the romantic comedy “Celeste and Jesse Forever.”

The film centers around a divorcing couple (played by the always funny Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg) who are trying to work out the logistics of their relationship as they date other people. Emma plays a pop star who hires Rashida to revamp her image.

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“Right now I’m doing a romantic comedy called ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever,’ and I’m obsessed with both of them,” she said of her funny co-stars. “And I’m playing a pop star… Everyone in the movie is hilarious; it’s a great group to get to work with.”

With so many songstresses to draw inspiration from, Emma admitted that she’s kind of trying to not use any real ones to base Riley on. “I’m kind of making my own; I’m kind of doing my own thing with her,” she said. “She’s very obnoxious, but still very likable.”

But that doesn’t mean she isn’t listening to a few tunes to get into the spirit of the part. “I just bought Lady Gaga’s new album, so I have that on repeat in my car,” she explained. ” ‘Born This Way’—I’m obsessed with.”

Source: MTV.com


Emma made an appearance on the Today show this morning (June 10th). Check out video and captures below! Tune in to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight (June 10th) since Emma will be making an appearance. EDIT: Added candids of Emma arriving at the Today Show this morning in New York. EDIT: Added a featurette, which shows some new clips plus Emma along with Freddie Highmore and director discussing the film.


Check out a TV spot for The Art of Getting By, which shows some new clips that wasn’t in the trailer! Also below is an International trailer for the film, which is schedule to release in the UK on September 23rd. We have added the interview and behind the scenes of the film to the Video Vault.


Emma attended a Fox Searchlight screening of The Art of Getting By at Clarity Theater yesterday(June 6th) in Beverly Hills. Check out a few MQs below, keep checking in for more updates! EDIT: Check out another clip and interview for The Art of Getting By below! Emma and Michael Angarano visited Young Hollywood Studio yesterday (June 6th) to promote the film.

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