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We added more photos of Emma and Juno Temple leaving Louis Vuitton and Glamour celebrate the magazine’s May issue on Monday (April 25th). We have added more photos of her leaving and arriving at Ken Paves salon yesterday (April 26th), she was also spotted shopping at Fred Segal. Below is a video of Emma on set of her Nylon May 2011 shoot with Rory Culkin.


Emma attended Louis Vuitton and Glamour celebrate the magazine’s May issue last night (April 25th) in Beverly Hills. Emma was spotted earlier the same day (April 25th) out in West Hollywood. EDIT: Added photos of Emma leaving the Louis Vuitton and Glamour event with Juno Temple plus they were spotted later on at Tru Nightclub. She was spotted this afternoon (April 26th) arriving at Ken Paves salon.


We have added scans from Nylon May 2011 issue, which features Emma and Rory Culkin on the cover! We have added candids of Emma multi-tasking while out getting coffee yesterday (April 24th).


Emma was spotted shopping and leaving a UTA building in Beverly Hills yesterday (April 22nd). Check out the candids below!


We have added more Nylon (May 2011 issue) photoshoot plus another preview of interview below. We will add scans as soon as we get our copy!

If you’ve seen Scream 4, you know Emma Roberts and Rory Culkin have inherited a major pop culture legacy – and also made it their own. With positive attitudes, honest self-reflection, and gobs of talent (not to mention a stock pile of well-worn hoodies), the actors represent the latest diverse crop of emerging stars. Oh, and they’re also total goofballs – something you’ll see in these outtakes shot by editor-in-chief Marvin Scott Jarrett.

Emma, on her Disney years:
“I loved that part of my life. A lot of people that were on Disney or Nickelodeon bash it afterwards. And I just think, That’s what got you your start! And also, from my experience, it was so fun. It was the calm before the storm… if you make the transition [as an actor] in the same way that you’re transitioning in real life, you’ll be fine. It’s when you’re 16 and you’re trying to play a 20-year-old hitchhiking stripper that people are gonna give you a hard time.”

Rory, on the choice between boxing and music. “Boxing is a little more mindless and takes me away from everything. Music can do that, too, but it’s another art form, you know what I mean? It’s something to be passionate about. Whereas boxing is like, I wanna kick some ass and get my ass kicked. It’s awesome.”

On his film roles up until now. “I’ve been sort of scared of certain roles in the past, almost to the point of being kind of snobbish… Now I’m just a lot more open to things – I’m starting to feel the need to exercise my acting and leave my comfort zone. I think Scream is an example of that.”

Emma Roberts, on Glee. “I love that Gwyneth Paltrow’s on Glee. That’s something you would never think she’d do. And the fact that she just thought, I’m gonna let loose and do this – that’s so cool!”

Source: nylonmag.com