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Emma was spotted at Madeo restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday night (March 18th). She was also spotted at the Staples store in Studio City yesterday (March 19th). Check out the candids below! EDIT: We have added 4 outtakes from last years Sugar magazine shoot, check them out below!


Emma was spotted getting coffe and food in West Hollywood yesterday (March 17th), check out the candids below. EDIT: Check out a tv spot for Scream 4 below, Emma is featured for a second, nothing new on her part, but its exciting that the date is getting closer!


We have added scans of Emma’s feature in Elle magazine for their April 2011 issue, also below is a behind the shoot video. Emma was spotted at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood last night (March 16th), check out the candids below.


Emma was spotted shopping at the Nike store plus at a business meeting in Beverly Hills yesterday (March 15th). check out the candids below! We have added an unknown photoshoot image to the 2010 category, if we find more info then we will be sure to update it. EDIT: We have added a 2011 headshot of Emma to the photo gallery.


Emma is featured in the April 2011 issue of Elle magazine, we have added a snippet of the interview plus photoshoot images (which are AMAZING!) below! We will add scans as soon as we get our copy!

Despite Emma Roberts’ best efforts to carve her own swath through Hollywood rather than capitalize on her famous DNA, you just can’t look at her large, gleaming, slightly lopsided smile and not be reminded of her aunt Julia. The younger Roberts credits her aunt with sparking her desire to act by bringing her to movie sets when she was little; Emma’s first (uncredited) role, in fact, was as an extra in 2001’s America’s Sweethearts. “I was always running around to the makeup trailer and the wardrobe trailer, trying on clothes, and letting people do my hair,” she says. “I loved it.”

Still, the 20-year-old, whose parents, actor Eric Roberts and teacher Kelly Cunningham, split when she was an infant, names two different leading ladies as her role models. “Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson have made names for themselves regardless of the fact that their parents were famous,” she says. “I’d like to have a career like that too.”

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