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Belletrist + BookClub IG Live

Belletrist and BookClub held an IG live around lunch time today (July 27) to do an early reveal of the August book pick plus discuss all things books and partnership! See video below! Updated the social media photos shared from today! A few professional photos from today’s event have been added to gallery, hope to add more later! A cute little tidbit below reveals Karah of Belletrist is named Rhodes’ godmother…

Coming out of Covid, what’s been your most treasured reunion?

“Having Karah and her girlfriend coming to meet [my son] Rhodes was huge. I was so excited for them to come and meet him, and they stayed with us for a month. It was heaven.” — —Actress and Belletrist co-founder Emma Roberts at the Belletrist and BookClub launch on July 27 in New York.

“Meeting [Emma’s] son was pretty big for me, because he’s my godson. That was a big deal for me. Had she had her baby before the pandemic, I would have been there before he was born.” —Producer and Belletrist co-founder Karah Preiss at the Belletrist and BookClub launch on July 27 in New York.


Posted on: July 27, 2021
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