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Romance, Comedy | 28 October 2020 (USA)
The story follows Sloane (Roberts) and Jackson, two perpetual singles who hate the holidays since their continual lack of a significant other subjects them to the judgment of their family members or stuck with clingy, awkward dates. After they meet, however, they pledge to be each other’s plus-ones for each holiday celebration over the course of one year.


Rated: TV-MA
Genre(s): Romance, Comedy
Emma as: Sloane
Co-Starring: Luke Bracey, Jessica Capshaw, Jake Manley, Cynthy Wu, Frances Fisher, King Bach and Kristin Chenoweth
Director: John Whitesell
Writer(s): Tiffany Paulsen
Release Date: October 28, 2020(US) – Other Countries
Studio: Netflix
Production company(ies): Netflix, Wonderland Sound and Vision


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