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Emma graces the cover of Women’s Health April 2011 issue, we have added previews to the gallery and a small snippet from the issue. We will add full scans when the issue becomes available! We have added a scan from Empire UK April 2011 issue, they used a 2010 photoshoot image, check it out here.

Staying in shape doesn’t necessarily have to be a boring task, as Emma Roberts would profess.
The 20-year-old actress, the niece of Julia Roberts, has revealed that she keeps trim by pole dancing.

Appearing on the cover of Women’s Health in a crop-top and jeans the upcoming star reveals the fruits of her labour and bares her taut tummy.
She tells the U.S. fitness magazine: ‘I started taking [pole dancing] classes with friends as a way to both work out and hang out.

‘You don’t realise how much upper-body strength you need. It’s also a good way to build confidence.’

Roberts, who is currently promoting her upcoming movie Scream 4, also joked about her family’s famous trademark by admitting: ‘We Robertses have too many teeth for our mouths.’
And she admits that she first had her eyebrows waxed when she was just seven-years-old.
The actress says her mother – schoolteacher Kelly Cunningham – made the decision after her daughter was teased for having bushy eyebrows.

Roberts says: ‘When I was seven, this boy at school told me: ‘You look like a Neanderthal’.

‘My mum was like: ‘OK, let’s take you to get your eyebrows waxed’.’

The daughter of actor Eric Roberts says that now she keeps her brows tamed by putting ‘a little hair spray on a toothbrush’ and brushing ‘my brows so they stay upright.’

The actress followed into her family’s footsteps when she was just ten, appearing as an extra in her Aunt Julia’s 2001 film, America’s Sweethearts.
Now she is promoting Scream 4, which is released in the U.S. in April.

‘I watched half of the first movies from under a blanket,’ says Roberts who was just five-years-old when the first Scream movie was released in 1996.

‘We did a lot of chase scenes in the movie and I’d get so freaked out.

‘Even though you know it’s not real, part of you still has this scary adrenaline rush.’

Despite focusing on acting Roberts has won a place at the Sarah Lawrence College in New York.

But she has deferred her university years for the moment to focus on her career.

Roberts says: ‘I think it’s important to have as many experiences as possible in life because one day you won’t be able to do it anymore.’
Source: Daily Mail

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