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We met Emma Roberts at this really cool Johnson & Johnson beauty event last week, and guys, she’s even more gorgeous in person. Since Emma is Neutrogena‘s brand ambassador, we sat down with her to get the lowdown on some of her beauty secrets, but we also talked fashion and her new flick with Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez. Huge, we know.

(click right photo to see two photos from the Johnson & Johnson event!)

Teen.com: Alright, so let’s talk beauty. How do you get your skin to look so freakin’ good?
Emma Roberts: As far as cleansing goes, I always make sure no matter how late I get home or whatever I always take off my makeup. So I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and then I use the Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Power Gel Cleanser. That’s the one I do the commercials for. It’s perfect for me because I break out from stress, usually if I’m overwhelmed or if I’m traveling. So, that is a good way to kind of prevent it before it starts happening.

Teen.com: Good to know! So what are some beauty prods you just gotta have with you at all times?
Emma Roberts: Well, I love Neutrogena Moisture Shine lip glosses. They come in all these fun colors. They’re super sparkly and fun, and they have some nude colors for day and then like a reddish color for night and they have really bright pink. They’re just really sheer and really cute!

Teen.com: Let’s talk trends! What’s your fave fall beauty trend?
Emma Roberts: I love a dark eye for night time. It’s so fun especially since fall colors are pretty dark. A dark eye and maybe some fake lashes.

Teen.com: Our readers are always saying how you’re one of the best dressed celebs out there. What are some of your fave fashion trends this season?
Emma Roberts: Oh, thank you! I love tights. Tights are my favorite because I love being able to wear cute dresses, but it’s so hard when it’s freezing out. I love colored tights, patterned tights – it’s so cute. And then I’m really into fun jackets. I got this amazing Alexa Chung from Madewell suede moto jacket and I literally can wear it with anything. I have a lot of little girl cute dresses and it kind of toughens them up.

Teen.com: What other celebs’ style do you love?
Emma Roberts: I’m loving Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s red carpet style. She always looks so glamorous.

Teen.com: We hear you’re gonna be working on a new movie with Vanessa and Selena. What are you most excited about?
Emma Roberts: I’m really excited. I mean, I’ve known Vanessa forever and I love her, and she’s so much fun. And Selena – I haven’t really ever spoken to her, but I’m really happy to be working with both of them.

Teen.com: What can you tell us about your roles in the movie?
Emma Roberts: I can’t say anything about that, but I’ll say wild and fun!

Teen.com: Before your whole acting thing, you were into singing. Do you think you’ll ever go back into music?
Emma Roberts: I think it could go there. I love singing. I think it’d be fun. I’ve been considering starting a band, so we’ll see.

Teen.com: If you were to make another album, what would you call it?
Emma Roberts: I can’t tell you! I already have a name, but I can’t tell.

P.S. That’s us with Emma! Btdubs, we totally wanted to steal that dress.

Emma’s new movie with Vanessa and Selena starts filming in 2012! Are you excited to see the three of them together on screen? Is your beauty routine anything like Emma’s? Share your own beauty secrets with us in the comments!

Source: teen.com

I was so excited to meet one of my biggest gURL crushes, Emma Roberts, recently—and she definitely didn’t disappoint. We had some serious talk about cyber-bullying, and she even gave some awesome advice on how a gURL should handle haters. All that and we got her favorite bargain buys. Let’s just say I kind of wish I could hang with Em more often.

gURL: What are some of your favorite bargains?
Emma:I love drugstore makeup and cleansers, especially Neutrogena. It’s great that no matter where I am, I can find a drugstore that’s going to have all my must-haves.

gURL: How do you balance your busy work schedule and friends?
Emma Roberts: For me it’s just all about prioritizing. With the people I haven’t seen in a while, make them a priority as opposed to the people I see every week. With my work, I try to prioritize what’s the most immediate. I think that’s the easiest way to do it. What’s happening immediately: take care of that first, because you don’t want to be unprepared for something that’s coming up.

gURL: Can you talk about a time that you really wanted something, like a job, but you didn’t get it? How do you deal with disappointments like that?
Emma:I mean, that’s hard. You audition for things and you’re just like “If you could only know how badly I want this and how great I could be.” Sometimes I haven’t gotten things and I’d be so devastated, and then I’ll realize in retrospect it’s actually better that I didn’t. For me, when something doesn’t go my way, I just move past it onto the next thing, because you can’t dwell on something like that for years. You realize, I should channel all that energy on something positive and making something else happen because you can’t change other people’s minds, you know?

gURL: How do you deal with haters?
Emma:People can be really mean, so I always try to be nice to everyone so I don’t give them anything bad to say. Cyber-bullying is what really gets me. Not even about me, but I read about it about other people. I just think it’s so ridiculous, and I think it’s so mean. Something like the Internet, which is a fun thing, can be used in such a good way, but for some people it can be really horrible. Especially on Twitter, a lot of people will tweet really mean things at you, but if they ever saw you face to face they wouldn’t even say hi to you.

gURL: What kind of advice would you ever give a younger gURL who is dealing with something like that?
Emma: Just walk away, because it takes two people to fight. So if you’re not fighting with them, it’s going to get boring.

Source: gurl.com

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