Chanel pastels, Blake Lively’s style & Aerie Campaign

newimgSQHer stylists bustle up and down the stairs and racks of clothing creep into the living room of the Hancock Park apartment where Emma Roberts has come to be dressed for an evening event. But the 24-year old is calm amid the storm, curled up barefoot on the sofa in a white Isabel Marant top and AG jeans. She notes how her feet need a break after 10- to 15-hour days in six-inch heels on the set of the new Fox comedy-horror series “Scream Queens,” set to premiere on Sept. 22.

“And if you must know, my bra and underwear are Aerie,” she says coyly, plugging American Eagle’s lingerie and relaxed apparel brand.
For the Record
Sept. 17, 2015, 11:35 a.m.: An earlier version of this article said Emma Roberts was interviewed in her apartment. She was interviewed in a stylist’s apartment.
Roberts is the first celebrity to star in the Aerie Real advertising campaign, which launched last year featuring un-retouched images “to help promote body positivity and encourage the celebration of reality over fantasy,” according to Aerie President Jennifer Foyle.

Roberts’ ads for the campaign began Sept. 3, and while some might consider it easier for a thin, fit star such as herself to appear sans Photoshopping, the actress acknowledges that the campaign triggered self-doubts.

“The first outfit was just the bralette and underwear, and I walked on set wearing a robe,” she says. “I got really nervous when I was about to take it off. There were 20 people around and all of a sudden I felt really, really vulnerable and insecure, wondering how I looked. But basically all my best friends were at the shoot: My hair and makeup people and my stylists [Brit and Kara Smith, also co-designers of L.A.-based fashion label Elkin]. Having the comfort of people who I know and trust and love around me gave me that confidence to be silly and have fun and just not worry about it. Because the pictures were going to look like me, which I think is the point of this whole campaign.”

“We live in a world of social media, of Instagram and Twitter, and everyone’s constantly posting photos of the best versions of themselves and adding filters and Facetuning and creating this image and this life that may not be real,” Roberts continues. “I think it’s important to show your real self, for me at least. Because even though I’m an actress and I look a certain way and this and that, I definitely see pictures of ad campaigns and feel insecure and think, ‘Why don’t I look like that?’ … I look like a normal person. And I think it’s important for people to know that, because I think it’s really easy to get caught up in always worrying that your hair and makeup are perfect or if you have the coolest clothes. And it’s more important to just live your life and have fun. It’s about being comfortable in your skin.”

Comfortable is also a word that Roberts uses to describe her off-duty style.

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Upcoming TV Appearances + Scream Queens Stills

Emma will be appearing on the Today show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon both on the 18th of September! Check your local TV listings for time. I have added some new Scream Queens stills to the gallery below! Next Tuesday is the premiere of the show, can’t believe its already here, can’t wait!!!

TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> 01.03 – Chainsaw – stills
Misc. >> Official Twitter/Instagram Photos

Scream Queens – US Weekly & Vanity Fair

Check out US Weekly & Vanity Fair magazine coverage of Scream Queens cast! Check out a video of Emma and Ariana Grande asking each other fan questions. Also check out out a Ashby clip, see below!


Scream Queens – Between 2 Queens
Fall TV Guide Preview
Ashby – Clip (1)
Magazines >> 2015 >> Us Weekly – 9.21.15
Magazines >> 2015 >> Vanity Fair – October 2015

February First Still + Scream Queens Stills

Check out the first still of Emma in February which will be premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 12th! Check out stills from the two-hour special premiere of Scream Queens on September 22nd! I have added candids of Emma arriving at LAX today (September 4). Also check out a cute behind the scene look of Emma Aerie shoot here along with captures in the gallery. New Instagram additions!

Movies >> Febraury >> Stills
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> Stills/Behind the Scenes
Candids >> 2015 >> arriving at LAX (9/4)
Captures >> 2015 >> AerieReal Behind the Scenes
Misc. >> Official Twitter/Instagram Photos
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Scream Queens – Opening Credits

The Scream Queens opening credits debut today, check out the video below along with captures! Don’t have your volume full blast! Also check out other photo additions below!


TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> opening credits – captures
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> stills/behind the scenes
Movies >> Ashby >> stills
Candids >> 2015 >> shopping & dinner in LA with Evan Peters (8/23)
Candids >> 2015 >> out and about in New Orleans, LA (8/26)
Candids >> 2015 >> out and about in New Orleans, LA with mom (9/1)
Misc. >>Official Twitter/Instagram Photos
Misc. >>Random Twitter/Instagram Photos

Scream Queens – Variety

The creator, Ryan Murphy, of Scream Queens along with Jamie Lee Curtis and Emma discuss the show. Check out a great article below from Variety and photoshoot!

SQvarietyprevimg“Chaos!” shouts Brad Falchuk, one of the creators of “Scream Queens,” who’s on the New Orleans set directing what will be the fifth episode of the Fox comedy-horror series. “I want more chaos.”

The actors are all gathered in the luxurious living-room set of the show’s Kappa Kappa Tau sorority house, and Falchuk wants them to react with unbridled outrage to the news that Dean Cathy Munsch, as embodied by series star Jamie Lee Curtis, will be cancelling the college’s planned Halloween celebration. Seems there’s a killer on the loose on campus, and no one knows when he or she is going to strike next.

If this sounds a bit like Chief Brody closing the beach in “Jaws” — well, score one for the creative team behind “Scream Queens.”

As conceived by mastermind Ryan Murphy, the 15-episode series, debuting next month, aims to send up the classic horror genre while delivering a heavy dose of laughs. Take “Heathers,” sprinkle in some “Mean Girls,” combine it with “Halloween” and a liberal dose of “Friday the 13th” — and you’ve got the formula for “Scream Queens.”

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Teen Choice Awards + Catch Up Photos

Sorry guys for the delay on updates but photos have been going in gallery, been working on a new layout for the site and its taking longer than I thought. Emma attended the 2015 Teen Choice Awards last night (August 16), check out photo and video coverage below. New candids below of Emma leaving the Chateau Marmont with Hilary Duff on August 8th. New promo photo of Scream Queens cast! Emma also attended the Summer TCA tour/party event on August 6th. New videos added to the video vault including one of Emma bringing awareness to Cyber-bulling with Stomp Out Bulling.

Teen Choice Awards – 8.16.2015
Cyber-bullying Campaign
Access Hollywood – 8.7.15
E! News – July 2015
MQ >> Awards >> 2015 >> TCA – Arrivals, Show & Backstage/Audience (8/16)
HQ >> Awards >> 2015 >> TCA – Arrivals, Show & Backstage/Audience (8/16)
Candids >> 2015 >> arriving to Teen Choice Awards (8/16)
Captures >> 2015 >> Teen Choice Awards (8/16)
Candids >> 2015 >> leaving chateau marmont with hilary duff & friends
TV Series >> Scream Queens >> Season 1 >> Promo Photos
HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> Summer TCA Tour – FOX All-Star Party (8/6)
MQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> Summer TCA Tour – FOX All-Star Party (8/6)
HQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> 2015 Summer TCA Tour (8/6)
MQ >> Appearances&Events >> 2015 >> 2015 Summer TCA Tour (8/6)

New Candids + 2015 Teen Choice Awards

I have added candids from the 28th of July of Emma shopping in New York. She was spotted on set of Scream Queens in New Orleans on July 29. She was also photographed out and about yesterday (August 2nd) in New Orleans. Emma along with Lea Michele and Keke Palmer will be making an appearance at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards on August 16th…

We’re so excited to announce TEEN CHOICE nominees Ludacris, Gina Rodriguez and Josh Peck are set to host TEEN CHOICE 2015 airing Sunday, August 16 at 8/7c LIVE on FOX! Newly added choice stars to appear include Emma Roberts, Lea Michele and Keke Palmer of FOX’s new comedy-horror series SCREAM QUEENS.

Candids >> 2015 >> shopping in NYC (7/28)
Candids >> 2015 >> On Set – 07.29.15 in New Orleans, LA
Candids >> 2015 >> out and about in New Orleans, LA (8/2)

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