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Emma was spotted shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon (February 24th). She then went to Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2011′s Richard Mille Toasts Fox Searchlight Films last night. EDIT: HQs have been added from the event last night, also a video of Emma leaving the event is below…


Emma was spotted at LAX yesterday(February 23rd) coming home from her trip to New York. Check out the candids below! EDIT: Added more to the album…


Below is an interview Emma and Dave Franco did with MTV News on the set of the music video for Cults “Go Outside”. Dave also mentioned Emma in an Access Hollywood interview, click on ‘read the rest of this entry’…

On Tuesday, a supervideo for Cults’ “Go Outside” starring Dave Franco and Emma Roberts debuted on MTV.com.

In the video, Franco plays a character obsessed with 1960s Jean-Luc Godard films. His obsession comes to life when French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot (played by Roberts) steps out of his favorite Godard flick, “Contempt,” and into his living room. The two embark on a nightlong romantic escapade throughout Los Angeles, and providing the soundtrack is the dreamy “Go Outside” by New York duo Cults.

The supervideo is actually the second effort in a partnership between MTV and Mean magazine. The first video brought Anna Kendrick and director David Ayer together for LCD Soundsystem’s “Pow Pow.”

MTV News caught up with Franco and Roberts on the set, where they talked about what it meant to film the video.

“I love Brigitte Bardot,” Roberts said. “I’ve always been drawn to her style, and I just think there’s something so timeless about her that she’s still such an icon today. And I just thought it’d be fun to get to kind of do a little mini-film to music, and I love the concept and I was excited Davie was a part of it and it’s just been really fun.”

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Check out the world premiere of Emma and Dave Franco starring in the Cults video for their song Go Outside! It’s really awesome! We have added captures and stills below. EDIT: Emma and Dave Franco were featured on MTV’s The Seven, which they named the 7 things they would like to accomplish in 2011, check out video here and captures here. EDIT: Here is another part from The Seven of them discussing their roles in the music video.

MTV and MEAN Supervideo are back with a new music video featuring “Go Outside” by Cults, and starring Emma Roberts (“Scream 4,” “Valentine’s Day”) and Dave Franco (“Fright Night,” “Charlie St. Cloud”). In the video, a man (Franco) obsessed with classic French films lives out his greatest cinematic fantasy when he embarks on a night of passion and thrills with the actress (Roberts) of his dreams.


Emma was spotted walking through West Village, NY yesterday (February 18th). Check out the candids below!